SIKs & Co.

SIKs & Co. (hereinafter referred to as “SIKs”) as a patent professional corporation was established on April 1, 2002 by taking over all business operations of a patent firm that was previously jointly managed by patent attorneys. As of February 2022, six patent attorneys are jointly managing SIKs as partners of the patent professional corporation, and we have a successful history as a corporation for over 20 years. During this time, we have reinforced our business foundation and, based on definitive business continuity, are being operated as a patent firm that is trusted by our clients.
Our patent attorneys who specialize in chemistry and bio-related fields endeavor to provide high-quality services by directly being involved in our clients’ cases.
We also have dealings with agents in over 90 countries across the globe, and can promptly collect information related to intellectual properties in foreign countries, such as information related to legal systems and formal matters in the respective countries.

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