OHNO & PARTNERS is a law firm established on May 1, 2000 as a boutique firm in intellectual property.
  In Japan, there are two qualification systems for professionals who handle legal issues concerning intellectual property, i.e., Attorney-at-Law and Patent Attorney. Formerly, it was common that a client asks a patent firm run by patent attorneys when obtaining intellectual property rights such as patents, and asks a law firm run by attorneys-at-law for enforcement.
  However, if a company needs and wishes to achieve a significant result by the enforcement of intellectual property rights, it is necessary to obtain better rights that can sustain attacks during enforcement such as infringement lawsuits. Considering this need, we believe that one-stop service for all phases of intellectual property rights including applications, infringement lawsuits and licenses will be necessary. Although there are a few firms jointly managed by attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys in Japan, it seems to us that there is a barrier between attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys caused by the differences in the qualification systems so that the cooperation between them is not necessarily going well.
  To meet the needs of our clients, we eliminate such barrier and offer the highest quality total solution service under the tight cooperation between attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys.
  We have represented many difficult cases intractable for other firms, especially on cutting-edge technologies, such as information-communication, IT, semiconductor technology, biotechnology/genomic technology, bioinformatics, nanotechnology, environmental technology, and other cross-industrial technologies. Also, we actively tackle with unsolved legal issues, and as a result, we have established new case laws before the Supreme Court.
  We promise to offer our clients the highest quality total solution service in all areas of intellectual property rights.

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